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Should we consider making a claim?


But we don't do what you would really call R&D do we?


What if my tax accountant says we do not qualify?


Will the benefit really be worth the effort?


How can I assure that the benefit will outweigh the costs?




We have an HMRC enquiry into our claim, can you help?


Eligible R&D Tax Credit

Industry examples









A potential cash refund of tax, cash back for loss makers and lower ongoing costs.


Three reasons why there has never been a more important time to claim R&D Tax Credits

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Can you benefit from R&D Tax relief?    To find out click here and ask your self these three questions

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Nigel Bolton,  Director R&D Tax UK Limited discusses  why many eligible  organisations have unclaimed or under claimed R&D Tax Credits

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What science lies within your design? A flowchart to assist in eligibility assessment >>>

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